Wednesday, April 20, 2011


BLOOM 415... WHERE FRESH IDEAS GROW to compliment your Special Occasion, Event or Celebration - lush stationery, unforgettable wedding ensembles, striking favors, on-trend gifts, unique packaging, screenprinting, embroidery, promotional items & more!

While this website blooms, feel free to contact Suzette for cheerful info, friendly estimates, infectious inspiration, a sunny hello and/or to indulge in her BLOOMFOLIO of innovative designs.

You are also invited to peruse/shop PAPER, INK & TRINKETS 24/7:

A “tree” of escort cards was another show-stopper. Each guest’s name was printed/placed on a beautiful copper leaf, printed by BLOOM 415BLOOM 415 created special paper goods for the table names as well. Each table was named after a place special to the couple with an accompanying description of the place’s importance – great conversation pieces.

Thank you for visiting BLOOM 415 at the Beach!

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